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Transition Level Connect – WhatsApp Group Rules

Transition Level Connect is a WhatsApp group designed to encourage communication between portfolio founders and the TLI team.

Founders are encouraged to post “asks” as needed, news and noteworthy milestones.  Job posts are also welcome.

Please follow these few basic rules to keep the group on topic and beneficial for all.

  1. Asks must be concise.  An ‘ask’ might include a request for an intro, call out for connections to potential clients or help with a specific task.
  2. Membership is open to founders and cofounders of Transition Level portfolio companies, direct investments and the Transition Level Investments team.
  3. Value for time.  Please understand and value each others time. If anyone feels this group is not suitable for them, they are free to leave the group.
  4. Relevant posts only. Please stay on topic and keep messages consistent with the purpose of the group. Off topic posts will be deleted.  Repeat offenders will be removed from the group.
  5. Respect. Everyone must talk respectfully to other members of the group and group admin.
  6. Excessive self-promotion: You can use the group to showcase wins.  However, these post should be relevant to the group. Excessive self-promotion will not be entertained.
  7. Chit chat and banter.  If you can assist with an ‘ask’, please take the conversation offline to avoid clogging the feed.

Welcome to Transition Level Connect!