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We recognise that getting your first cheque to fund your startup is hard work.

We want to make sure it’s as easy as possible.

What we are looking for

We focus on startups with the potential to scale. We believe great companies are built by great entrepreneurs, not venture capitalists.

We like to help behind the scenes. We will welcome you to our network and community. You can count on us for introductions, advice on hiring, partnerships, and help with operational issues. And sometimes, with your blessing, we can help get crazy acquisition offers.

We like big markets in all sectors (except biotech & pharma).

We need evidence of a clear market insertion point. If you’re a consumer startup, our bar is high.

We need to see early traction. We’ve learned data is the best evidence of what resonates and what doesn’t with consumers.

Where we like to invest

Seed – Which we classify as companies that have some traction, an MVP, potential customers or partners.

Series A – We can co-invest on Series A rounds, we are happy to co-invest or syndicate.

Value – we look to invest up to $500k on the first cheque.

Our Process

Get connected to us

Pitch to us via meeting or call

Internal Due Diligence and decision to proceed, if proceed will agree Term Sheet here

Final DD and Legals

Money in the bank

The whole process is generally 4–6 weeks, but can vary. Our emphasis is on collaboration throughout, including with co-investors — this is going to be a team effort, so there’s value in getting the team together sooner rather than later.

Terms and Structure

We are flexible on leading or following friendly investors & VCs.

We prefer straight equity & priced rounds, including deal documents to formalise structures and reporting within an early stage business. Being the first money in, it usually helps to set up the structure sufficiently.

We are open to SAFE’s and convertible notes although this is less of a preference.

We like simple industry standard terms, not complex structures.


It all starts with a conversation

If you think we can build something amazing together, please get in touch.